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There is another way...

Christina Ayala, RN and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

It seems like everyone and everything is pulling for your attention — your kids, their school, your BIG goals, your career, your significant other, the never-ending chores, the mental load of everything you’re trying to keep track of.  You know the list I’m talking about. No matter what you do, it feels like you can't keep up or make time for the goals that matter to you.

With the weight of all your responsibilities, naturally you cut corners where you can. Unfortunately, those corners seem to be the space you occupy. Your connection with your kids is not as deep as you crave, your energy isn't what it use to be, your physical and mental health have both declined, and some days you feel like a downright failure.

You want more, but you're tired and overwhelmed not sure where to start because it feels like too much. and then the cycle continues.

You do NOT have to figure this out alone, book a complimentary 60 minute Glow-Up Session with me to figure out how to end this cycle.


You Can Change Your Story...

It all starts with you, it is a fact, that if you are putting your overall health and well-being first, that  WILL overflow into other areas of your life.

Here is the thing. You ARE an incredible powerhouse. You have everything you need inside of you to succeed and have the life, health, and relationships you deeply crave.

When you remember to be as intentional with your own care as you are with everyone else's, a shift begins to happen. Every time you are nurturing yourself, you are sending the message to yourself and the world that you matter.

By keeping promises to yourself to move your body, drink enough water, make time for fun, address your mental and emotional health, you increase your self-belief.


My first session is complimentary, no strings attached.

What I Offer

Hi! I’m Christina Ayala, RN, holistic health and wellness coach, and mom to two! I've been where you are and I remember the anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, and even despair I felt at times as I tried to figure out how to have the time and energy to do everything I wanted and needed

I'm ready to work with you to develop balance and make sustainable changes in your overall health and wellness. We work together to figure out what's really holding you back from consistently making yourself a priority: whether it be time, energy, motivation, a mindset, communication, boundaries, or something else. My holistic approach will help you gain a better self-understanding and self-awareness.


Christina Ayala RN and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Imagine taking time for yourself every week to not only make a plan for success, discuss and workout challenges, but have this time to create real change with your actions.

I've made it my mission to offer the best support I can to help you achieve your goals!

  • I use a holistic assessment and approach, leaving no area of your life behind.

  • We create a sustainable strategy for you to reach your goals without burning yourself out.

  • Receive customized support on your specific barriers and challenges.

  • I introduce various science backed tools like meditation, somatic practices, breathwork, reiki, and more.

  • Leave each session with a goal and a plan.

  • Receive accountability and ongoing message support in between each session.

  • Empowered support and leadership, to help you gain confidence and insights to yourself--"You got this!!!"

  • You are in the driver's seat and decide what's best for you.

With my process, you will be able to transform your life, create habits and lasting change for your overall well-being.


Victoria Goldman

"My life was hectic, and unsatisfying.  I was working a 40+ hour job and trying to build my business, which wasn't going so well. I called Christina and hired her to help me get to the next level.  I am so glad I did, my whole mindset is turned around and my business is thriving!  She is an amazing woman and business coach, she is that personal kick in the ass that I needed. She helped me set goals and knock them down one by one, and helped me build the skills to keep going even after our sessions have ended.  If it wasn't for her I'm sure I would still be stuck in my 40 hour job hating life.  I've stepped down and now have so much time to pour into my business. I have the skills set forth to know what to do to keep me moving forward. She helped me open up my communication skills for my husband, because I was slipping in that area.  I am 100% a fan and recommend if you haven't had a life coach you need to get one because Christina will get you to that level you want to be in. " Victoria Goldman CEO of Victoria Violet Beauty LLC, 38

"Before working with Christina, I was feeling challenged with finding balance in my current job while working on transitioning into entrepreneurship. Throughout my sessions with Christina I was able to identify my ability to implement more rewarding actions toward creating more peace, direction and trust in the process of my transition.  I slow myself down to a place where I felt more in alignment with myself.  I appreciate Christina for her deep listening as we navigated together areas of action I would take to feel more accomplished in maintaining my own momentum. She was gentle and affirmative in holding me accountable as a coach to my commitments with my action plans.  In our time together I shifted my attitude of overwhelm to a position of confidence and successfully achieved creating my first flyer for my business with great insight from Christina.  A big insight that came to me is how accomplished I feel when I take the time to commit to follow through with an action step and complete my task at hand, the reward that comes with is incredible and empowering.  I would definitely recommend coaching with Christina if you are feeling overwhelmed by an area in your life and needing a little re-focus. You will walk away with more focused clarity and purpose. "   - Andrea M.

"Christina was caring and compassionate in guiding me to clarity in our sessions. She is very positive yet realistic, so I felt very comfortable she could relate to me as a fellow caregiver that is also a nurse and a mom. She has a unique gift to listen deeply and get to the root of the problem. I noticed that I would talk around the issue at hand, and identified that was a natural behavior for me that I was not even aware of myself. Christina always drove me back to problem at hand and pushed me to go deeper to the root of the problem, which in most cases was fear. She allowed me to make goals to challenge myself, without causing stress and anxiety. I went away from our sessions with clear goals to get me started to achieve my overall goals. Christina usually started our session with mindfulness or meditation which really helped me focus on the time we had for our sessions. Her voice is smooth and soothing, so I always felt more relaxed and ready to get started. She always gave encouragement when I wanted to lean into self-care goals to help foster a better family and work life balance, which is extremely helpful to my emotional well-being. In the past I would give to everyone else first, and there was no room left over for me to care for myself. The shift to give myself permission to put myself first was one of the most valuable lessons from our time coaching. I am very grateful for the time with Christina as my coach. I would highly recommend her, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to give back to yourself!"  - Kristin M. Mongler



Get rid of the guesswork when it comes to your health and wellness! This self care menu is 9 pages of self care activities, divided by the AMOUNT of time you have, and the AREA of life that may need care, love, and attention. Even if you have decision fatigue, the optional "game" can help you decide on your activity. This WILL help you create intentional time and space for your overall health and wellness and make it fun!

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