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I am incredibly happy you are here!

I'm Christina...

I am a mom, coach, registered nurse, dreamer, go-getter, generational trauma breaker...Life excites me and getting what I want out of this life excites me even more. I want more people to have exactly what they set out to achieve.

I am determined to help more people find that sweet spot of living their dream life and crushing their goals, by putting themselves first. I use a holistic approach because I believe everything in your life is connected, one area effects the other!

    I have seen countless people, neglect themselves and live unfulfilled and unhappy. My coaching method is the match to light the fire and allow you to start over every second of every day, if that's what you need.

Please, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Email me:


Christina Ayala, RN, NC-BC, HN-BC

Self-Care Coach

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