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Check Out My Interview With Mystic Mag:

Updated: Apr 3

I know that as a mom, it is VERY common to forget about your own needs and desires, and if you’re not making the time for it or making it a priority, it’s not naturally going to happen, because guess what… kids tend to be louder!

Whether you’re looking to have more time for yourself for fun, reading,or even quiet time, be more mentally present with your kids, or you’re wanting to make more time to start that business, work on your career, go back to school etc. I can help! I love working with moms… Moms are completely deserving of personal development, time to work on their bodies or mental health, or anything else lights them up.

I recently did an interview for Mystic Mag about what I do as a Self-Care Coach and how I work with Moms to create better balance in their lives! If you’re curious about what I do, read this interview!

If you're ready to create the work life balance you DREAM of, claim your free coaching clarity session here! You have nothing to lose from this session, and can gain so much, in just one hour!

I hope you enjoy the article and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!


Christina Ayala


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