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Get Outside More For Better Health: 9 Outdoor Activities for Well-being

Multiple people doing outdoor activties at a park
Go to park and enjoy the health benefits of the outdoors

There are numerous studies on how being in nature has positive effects on our physical and mental well-being. I mean, it makes sense considering how well our bodies respond to nature!! It's true, our bodies chemically react to nature and I’d like to argue that the outdoors and nature itself is an important part of our overall health. 

A visit to a park and other green spaces can boost your overall well-being (study here). Research shows forest bathing can induce relaxation, decrease stress hormones, depression and anxiety, and improve the immune system.  Our eyes contain photo cells that react to light and with a lack of light, the release of melatonin occurs (the hormone that makes you tired---one of it's functions). In the morning, with the light, cortisol ( the hormone that makes you feel awake in the AM--one of its many functions) is released and melatonin diminishes. This is part of our circadian rhythm. Our skin makes vitamin D from the sun's UV rays! Besides the benefits we get from eating plants and looking at plants, we get some of our oxygen from plants and plants take up some of the carbon dioxide we exhale! The sounds of nature, like running water and birds chirping can reduce stress and even pain symptoms (study here).

Pink Weeping Cherry tree
Weeping Cherry Tree

Everything I mentioned above is just a tiny portion of how our bodies respond to the natural environment of the outdoors. We THRIVE when we spend more time in nature!

Outdoor Activities For Well-being:

White and Orange Daffoldils
Get Outside to See Wild Daffodils
  1. Morning or evening walks outside, even if you only do 10-15 minutes (this is the simplest as you can bundle up and wear good shoes so you don't slip in the winter time).

  2. Take your kiddos to the park, botanical gardens, or hiking trails.

  3. On your lunch or other breaks, take it outside.

  4. If you’re a reader, enjoy it outside with some fresh air and the sounds of nature.

  5. If you’re a gym person, dedicate at least one day a week to workout outside instead of in.

  6. Start an outdoor hobby: gardening, foraging, a walking club, fishing, rafting, swimming, birding, outdoor photography... The options are endless.

  7. Get a membership to an outdoor nature park, national park, or botanical garden and schedule to go at least once/ month.

  8. Make your backyard or patio a little slice of paradise so you want to spend time in it. Don’t have one? Visit a nearby park.

  9. Have a picnic outside  alone or with your family, they might LOVE it!

Get creative! What other ways can you get outside more?

If you like suggestions like this, then you’ll love my Free Self-Care Menu for Go-Getting Moms! It’s 9 pages of self-care activity suggestions, divided by areas of health and well-being: Physical, mental/emotional, spiritual,  career, finances, relationships, fun, home/environment, and personal development. Each area is then further divided by the AMOUNT of time you have: 1-5 minutes, 5-10 minutes, 10-30 minutes, and 30 minutes- 2 hours.

Even if you have decision fatigue, the optional "game" can help you decide on your activity. This WILL empower you to take that first step and create intentional time and space for YOU and make it fun! I hope you enjoy it and it helps to further guide you on your personal health and wellness journey.

Grab it here!

****Note: None of this is is meant to be construed as medical advice, talk with your medical practitioner for a plan for you and your specific needs****


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