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Fear is the enemy of growth.

When we are stuck in a state of fear, we remain stagnant. We use excuses why we cannot do something bold and out of the ordinary that might be life changing or might be the thing we need.

We don’t want to put in the work. Growth takes time and energy, something many people are short of. Because we don’t make time for real priorities. We don’t make the time to contemplate what it is we truly want.

We sleepwalk while we are scrolling or watching TV...or both. I love the show the Office...Jan says to Pam in one of the episodes when Pam is making excuses not to do an art program… “There are always a million reasons not to do something.” Growth is often uncomfortable.

This brings me to fear’s sister avoidance. We use avoidance as another mechanism to stay comfortable. So we stay at a job we hate because we’re familiar with it.

We continue to eat the foods that are not fueling our body because it’s easy.

We lounge around instead of exercising because the start takes too much momentum. We avoid going out in public because we are afraid of how we look or what people will think if we’re alone. We don’t seek counseling because it’s going to dredge up traumatizing memories. We avoid going to the doctor because “they might find something.”

Fear and avoidance will destroy you.

I challenge you to sit still for 10 minutes, and meditate on what you are avoiding and what it is you need right now to follow through? When you are done you can journal about it and focus on what needs to be done to make it happen.

I hope you found this helpful.


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