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Get serious about your own health and wellness with my nine page freebie: Holistic Self-Care Menu For Go-Getting Moms.

Updated: Apr 4

Being a mom is TOUGH. You are on TOP of it to make sure your kids are well taken care of, along with all of your other responsibilities. Meanwhile, making sure you are ALSO well taken care of is a real struggle. With all of the demands that are put on you, (and the ones you put on yourself—high achiever here), YOU get lost in the mix. And then you stay up late for that extra “me time” you missed during the day, but actually end up lounging around and not doing much for your own health.

This was me too! I immediately got lost in parenthood. When I became a new mom, I developed all kinds of new health problems that began during pregnancy. My mental health took a major hit as different childhood traumas came flooding in while I was trying to be the absolute best mom I could be.  And I mean, I made this my life’s mission: To be mentally and physically present with my kids, to develop a deep, loving connection and relationship with them, to share with them my knowledge, and give them every opportunity I can. Really, I didn’t have the energy or capacity to be the mom I wanted to be and it took me awhile to start addressing my own health and well-being. I constantly felt like I was failing at it all. The more I felt I was failing, the more unhappy I became and of course, the worst my health became.

I realized that in order to be the mom I ultimately strive to be, I had to first make sure I was taking care of myself, and not “just kind of” taking care of myself, I had to return to the basics of my education to make sure my whole health and wellbeing was being addressed. I started taking serious steps toward my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Once these areas were on the mend and leveled up, I found my relationship with my kids deepend. My capacity improved and it felt like my heart opened up more (cheesy sounding, but seriously true).

As moms in our society, we seriously have a hard time making ourselves a priority and because we are inundated with a neverending to-do list and mental load. I have met so many moms that forget to include themselves on their “to-do” list because of many different reasons.

This is why I created this Holistic Self-Care Menu! It was designed to make self-care for moms easier and more accessible. You get to jump right into making your own health and wellness a priority.  "How often do you think “if only I had more time then x,y,z would get done?” Or maybe the idea of making one more decision has you saying, “NOPE!”

Make self-care easier on your self. Get rid of the decision fatigue and overwhelm when it comes to your own health and wellness! I designed this self care menu to make it easier and give you a starting point. It is divided by areas of health and well-being: Physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, career, finances, relationships, fun, home/environment, and personal development. Each areas is then further divided by the AMOUNT of time you have: 1-5 minutes, 5-10 minutes, 10-30 minutes, and 30 minutes- 2 hours.

Even if you have decision fatigue, the optional "game" can help you decide on your activity. This WILL empower you to take that first step and create intentional time and space for YOU and make it fun! I hope you enjoy it and it helps you on your personal health and wellness journey. Grab it here!


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